Power supply chains in many electronic applications consist of multiple stages of AC-DC and DC-DC voltage converter modules and power interconnects, from the main AC supply to the C4 connectors on the electronic boards for the data centers and automotive examples.

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The development of beyond the state-of-the-art materials in devices, modules and systems in GaNonCMOS will drive a new generation of densely integrated power electronics and pave the way toward low cost, highly reliable systems for energy intensive applications.

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APEC presentation of Ruaidhrí Murphy received Best Presentation Award

July 8, 2021

APEC presentation of Ruaidhrí Murphy received Best Presentation Award We are very proud! The presentation on “High Frequency Magnetic Sheet Materials – Performance Factor Comparisons and Design of Toriodal Inductors Embedded in PCB” held by Ruaidhrí Murphy of Tyndall during the Magnetics Poster Session at APEC 2021 was awarded with the Best Presentation Award of…

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GaNonCMOS presented twice at APEC 2021

June 24, 2021

GaNOnCMOS presented twice at APEC 2021 We are happy to announce that GaNOnCMOS was presented twice at this year’s APEC. Séamus O’Driscoll of Tyndall presented on “Recent Advances in Thin-Film Magnetics forPower Applications” during the Industry Sessions. The GaNOnCMOS-related slides are available for download here. Ruaidhrí Murphy presented on “High Frequency Magnetic Sheet Materials –…

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The total energy consumption is projected to increase by 25-35 % over the next 15 years due to the entrance of a few billion people to the middle class level, and the increasing world economic output. For instance, the explosion of digital content such as e-commerce, social media and big data is making data centres one of the fastest-growing consumers of electricity in developed countries. Energy efficiency is one of the most important component of any strategy to deliver affordable and reliable energy systems. Power electronics is the key technology to control the flow of electrical energy between source and load for a wide variety of applications from the GWs in energy transmission lines to the mWs in mobile phones. Wide band gap semiconductors such as GaN use their capability to operate at higher voltages, temperatures, and switching frequencies with greater efficiencies compared to their silicon counterparts. Therefore, the development of novel low cost and reliable GaN-based materials, processes and systems are needed to enable significant energy reduction in a wide range of energy intensive applications.


KU Leuven - Project coordinator

Situated in Belgium, in the heart of Western Europe, KU Leuven has been a center of learning for nearly six centuries. Today, it is Belgium's largest university and, founded in 1425, one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Europe. As a leading European research university and co-founder of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), KU Leuven offers degree programs at campuses in 11 Belgian cities, including Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp and a wide variety of international master’s programs; all supported by high-quality, innovative, interdisciplinary research.

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