GaNonCMOS presented twice at APEC 2021

GaNOnCMOS presented twice at APEC 2021

We are happy to announce that GaNOnCMOS was presented twice at this year’s APEC.

Séamus O’Driscoll of Tyndall presented on “Recent Advances in Thin-Film Magnetics for
Power Applications” during the Industry Sessions. The GaNOnCMOS-related slides are available for download here.

Ruaidhrí Murphy presented on “High Frequency Magnetic Sheet Materials – Performance Factor Comparisons and Design of Toriodal Inductors Embedded in PCB” during the Magnetics Poster Session. His paper details commercially available planar magnetic materials with a thickness of <600 μm. The mechanically fragile materials will be shown capable of withstanding laser cutting into toroidal shapes. These core shapes will then be measured electrically as toroidal inductors in order to calculate their magnetic properties. The standard performance factor of the materials will be used to make a comparison across frequencies and an alternative performance factor presented. Finally, an embedded in PCB toroidal inductor will be discussed.