GaNOnCMOS for automotive

GaNonCMOS for automotive

Are you are involved in the development of more competitive transport solutions? Then the results of our GaNonCMOS project might very interesting for you!

During GaNonCMOS, we developed components that have the potential to decrease the weight and fuel/electric consumption in the transport sector by providing a solution that enables efficient conversion of voltages from the main power battery to the diverse electronic applications in the car (infotainment, lights, airco, motors etc.).

For instance in a Mild hybrid electric vehicle case with a 48V power system, the weight reduction can be up to 27 kg, which would support an overall cost reduction and allow the classification of the car into a lower tax category, or make the battery, in case of electric cars/electric transport, more powerful to extend the driving range. 

If you would like to know more, join our online webinar on 25 May where the main achievements of GaNonCMOS will be presented. You will also be able to ask questions to the speakers about the specific technologies that will be presented.

Details on registration and agenda can be found here

Looking forward to seeing you in the online webinar.